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We are suppliers of pleated mosquito and insect nets and we guarantee full satisfaction to you. Our Nets are the pleated mosquito net that covers large dimensions compensating for any out of square. Unlike competitors that offer generic products, limited in sizes and not very versatile, We offer you the advantage to use our Nets customisible to large dimensions that can cover given the extreme adaptability of our patented system to any size without mechanisms or springs even if the measurements are huge.


For those wondering if the Insect Screens are good even in sea areas (we are about 100 meters from the sea) and strongly exposed. The answer is yes. This is one of the 7 Insect Screens installed in this house after almost 2 years. They still work


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4 Devon Rd, Pinetown, New Germany, 3600, Kwazulu Natal. South Africa


074 784 8215

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